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Counselling services

Educational counsellor

Mgr. Lenka Weiglhoferová
553 710 542
email: weiglhoferova (at) slezgymopava.cz

Consultation hours:
Monday 8.00 - 9.30, Thursday 8.00 - 8.45

Counsellor for socio-pathological phenomena

Mgr. Kamila Tkáčová
553 710 542
email: tkacova (at) slezgymopava.cz

Consultation hours: Monday and Thursday 7.30 - 8.00

A "Prevention Team" has been in operation at the Silesian Grammar School since 2005/2006, composed of: Ing. Milada Pazderníková, Mgr. Kamila Tkáčová, Mgr. Lenka Weiglhoferová, Mgr. Magda Hrstková.

Services provided by the Counselling Team

counselling services are provided for teachers, pupils, parents and the general public, contributing in particular to:

  1. preventing school drop outs,
  2. primary prevention of socio-pathological phenomena,
  3. career counselling, integrating educational, informative and counselling support in choosing the appropriate choice of further education and later professional application,
  4. professional support for the intergration and education of pupils with special educational needs, including pupils from different cultural backgrounds and pupils with a social disadvantage,
  5. care for the education of gifted and exceptionally gifted pupils,
  6. continuous and long-term care for unsuccessful pupils and the creation of conditions for their improvement,
  7. methodological support for teachers in applying psychological and specialist teaching knowledge and skills in the school's educational activities.

The counselling services are provided in accordance with the amendment to Decree 72/2005 Coll., for the provision of counselling services in schools and school counselling facilities, as amended.

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