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Educational Advisor page

Mgr. Lenka Weiglhoferová

e-mail: weiglhoferova@slezgymopava.cz
553 710 542

Consultation hours:
Monday: 8.00 - 9.30
Thursday: 8.00 - 8.45
(appointments also possible) in office 104

Decree No. 72/2005 Coll. for the provision of counselling services

Information for pupils:
Study: How to study correctly
Maturita: New graduation
Preparatory courses for university: Socrates Institute, TUTOR, National comparative examinations
University Education: SCIO, Application for appeal, appeal samples
Studying at College: Overview of College 1, Overview of College 2
Post-secondary school language studies: Language schools
Preparing for the Labour Market: How to Find a Job, Curriculum Vitae, Guide to the Professional World

Studies, scholarships, internships, educational programmes and volunteering in Europe:

Ten tips on how to master the school graduation exam: http://www.kampomaturite.cz/clanky-o-tom-jak-udelat-maturitu/jak-udelat-maturitu-10-rad-jak-zvladnout-maturitu.

Timetable for the 2017/2018 School Year
Substitution Lessons