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About the School

The School Vision

We are changing. We endeavour to meet the expectations of our pupils. We want to be a place of high quality preparation for university education based on mutual respect and respect for individual personalities. We are becoming one of the best schools of the new generation.

The Silesian Grammar School is a state-funded organisation established by the Moravian-Silesian Region. The Silesian Grammar School is a public school providing a full four-year secondary education. The size of the school allows for personal meetings and close relationships among teachers and pupils, respecting individual characteristics and provides a personal approach towards the pupils. Our students are well-known to us and this helps the teachers to have an educational impact on them.

Official name: The Silesian Grammar School, Opava, a state-funded organisation

School head teacher (statutory authority): Ing. Milada Pazderníková

Founder of the school: Moravian-Silesian Region

Offered Courses: code of study 79-41-K / 41 Grammar School

School Identification Number: 108035743

Red Identification Number: 600017265

School capacity: 510 pupils

School bank details: KB Opava, account number 19-674050207 / 0100

School Registration Number: 47813075

School Tax Identification Number: CZ47813075

Data Box ID: iykfcep

Type of data box: Legal entity

History of the School

The Silesian Grammar School follows the tradition of the Jan Žižka Military Grammar School from Trocnov. It was established in Opava in1968 as an extension of the original military school but with an extra year for Maturita. In the 1990s, military education was transferred primarily to Vyškov. This allowed us to contemplate the establishment firstly of a civilian branch of the military grammar school, which was officially established on September 1, 1991. On August 1,1993, an independent grammar school came into effect and its first head teacher was RNDr. František Kuděla. It operated in the same building as the military grammar school "and most of the teaching staff continued to work there unhindered, but this time much more to the benefit of the city and the region."

In 2002, the school received the honorary name of the Silesian Grammar School.

Since 2003, the Silesian Grammar School has been led by Ing. Milada Pazderníková. With the new management, there has been a new impetus for development. In 2004, the Silesian Language Centre was established at the Silesian Grammar School, which offers various language courses to pupils and the public in Opava. The school received the status of the University Grammar School of the Silesian University in Opava in 2004, which provided opportunities for a close working relationship.

A large change took place in 2007, when the school moved to the complex of Art Nouveau buildings at the crossroads of Komenského, Zámecký okruh and Těšínská. The interiors have undergone extensive renovations to best meet educational needs.

During its time, the school has gained numerous social partners. Long-term cooperation has developed with the Matice Slezská Cultural Organisation, the Czech Union of Freedom Fighters, the Legionary Community of Czechoslovakia, the People in Need Association and the organisation PANT.

The Present Day

Currently there are more than 340 pupils in 11 classes studying four-year programmes at the Silesian Grammar School. There are 30 teaching staff.

Our school has always been based on a family atmosphere created between teachers and pupils. Everybody is involved in building a positive environment in the school. There are also joint events such as excursions, project days, theatre and film performances, conferences, festivals and overseas sightseeing tours.

Our pupils are also not idle. This is evident by the activities organised by the school clubs ZIP, Lampion and the English Club, or by the Theatrical Ensemble „Untitled“. We do not want to forget about sports activities. Our pupils regularly represent us in athletics, volleyball, basketball, floorball, cross-country running, swimming, table tennis, etc.

We are a well established grammar school and we have taught according to the school curriculum (SC) since 2009/2010. The last update of the SC was made in September 2014. We also use joint activities with each year which span across many subjects:

1st year - adaptation course and winter skiing course

2nd year - summer course including cycling, hiking and water sports skills

3rd year - professional excursion of Pálava with historical and natural science content

4th year - professional excursion to Prague with cultural and social content

The Silesian Grammar School encourages the development of language competence of its pupils by enhancing the number of lessons of foreign languages, as well as organising foreign language trips.

We also meet the demands of our students in the field of Natural Sciences. Those interested can participate in Science competitions, Maths competitions and Logic competitions. We organise Mathematical Fridays for pupils from all schools in Opava in cooperation with the Silesian University. We have also been developing cooperation with other universities for a long time. In 2017, the Silesian Grammar School also became a faculty school of the Faculty of Law of Palacký University in Olomouc.

We have not forgotten the Social Sciences. An extra activity we engage in is cooperation with the Eliška Nursery In Opava, which takes care of handicapped children. Our pupils have also gained a reputation as organisers of lectures on eating disorders with the HELP P3 group. In recent years, the school has probably received its greatest praise for the Emissions Project, which has been awarded the auspices of the Environment Secretary and inspired a change in legislation in this area.

Timetable for the 2017/2018 School Year
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