Trochu stylistiky, trochu angličtiny – hodně kreativity, hodně zábavy

Účastníci semináře anglické stylistiky a překladu dostali v týdnu před jarními prázdninami neobvyklé zadání – vytvořit milostnou báseň. Jejich úkol byl ale komplikovanější, než se zdá – museli totiž postupovat podle konkrétní metody.
Nejprve byla do dvojic či pro jednotlivce rozdělena témata, na někoho tak padlo počasí, na jiného inspirace, pravá láska nebo místo setkání. Na začátku napsal každý úvodní verš básně podle svého zadání. Tento počáteční verš pak poslal dál, kde k němu kolegové postupně přidávali další řádky v souladu se svými zadanými okruhy.
Tímto způsobem vznikla celá řada více či méně surrealistických milostně zabarvených textů. Jste-li zvědaví na výsledky, najdete je v komentářích.

Poet 1
You are like the rising Sun, which heats me in the morning.
And how can I live without the Sun?
It is a destiny, you and me, true love…
Come with me to the place where I saw you for the first time.
Come into my dreams, just once and forever
I will be waiting for this dream forever.
I believe in our future family.
I will show you the outside world
and mine as well
With this poem I’ve gone through hell.

Poet 2
What could be the purpose of our lives one without another.
True love is always about TWO – Mr. and Ms. Right.
From the love of theirs, they can build a temple, right there where they first met.
Dreams and desires follow them,
more precious than the greatest gem.

I’m so nervous because I’m afraid.
I hope that one day you will be my husband.
I will love you until the world’s end.
Under falling skies we will stand.
We’ll be as strong as all the men.

Poet 3
The sunshine suddenly felt warmer
when I saw you there on the station platform.
You think that I am just a dreamer,
but I can feel my heart’s storm.
I will be waiting for you.

I want to hug you in the rain
as if I Ted Mosby am
You are like the brightest star.
Could you forgive me all the grammatical mistakes?
After all, we are Mr. and Ms. Right – true love knows no rules.

Poet 4
No doubt they were Mr. and Ms. Right –
but the question was: What is love?

Their first meeting was like a poem itself,
there on the bank of the river Maine.

They dreamt about the future, about the past
from the first moment to the last.

„I’m so nervous now,
will you be my friend or my family?“
The sunshine will give us the chance.

It makes me wanna tell you
that you are like a silent dance.
What if I took you in my arms
and carried you through the tempest of our lives?

Poet 5
Your beauty inspires my lines.
You are like a shining star in the skies.
Could I fulfil the desires of your heart?
Because without You it is no true love for me.

When I saw you for the first time by the lake,
whole sky was imprisoned within your face.
Then I gathered the dreams of lovers all
and waited, waited in that one place.

That moment was the longest in my life and I knew…
We have to build our family,
we’ll live under the Sun hapily.

Poet 6
While I’m dreaming about us,
I am waiting for the reality.
I expect a new family.
I’ll overcome the horrible storm,
just as you did on your own before.
It almost seems that you are here with me.
You are watching me through the chaos of this poem.
I don’t know how to describe my love to you.
But I’m still waiting, dreaming about you
as you’re dancing surrounded by woods.

Poet 7
When I was child,
I wanted to stay outside
and look into the eyes of the storm.
Which makes me want to write more…

You are like this beautiful storm.
Can I stay under the sky untouched by your thunders?
You belong with me like storm and the rainbow.

When I first met you on that meadow, it was like an omen:
a storm just ended and heavens bowed to pray.
Of all the monsters and silly men,
I long for you only, wishing you to stay.

I must tell you… I will be waiting for you forever.

Poet 8
As long as my life
the relationship with my parents is.
I would like to go without them
to the outside world when
the Sun rises.
To see the beautiful skies
To feel the ocean waves
Why can’t I sink deep into them?
And finally find the true love.

Then you came with eyes so blue
that the sea next to you
was ashamed.
And I dreamt about you,
about our love so true,
love I never felt.

Poet 9
I love you as much as the beautiful rain outside.
You make me wanna cry
You are like my last breath.
Will you take me to the heaven’s gate?
They are waiting for us there – for Mr. amd Ms. Right.
We will get there, hand in hand,
but first let us see our meeting place again.
We dreamt, we loved, we cried,
despite the heart’s and brain’s fight.
I’m feeling so bad when I’m waiting for you here
But I trust you – we will be here for each other forever.

Poet 10
Cold in winter, hot in summer
You are like a passionate flower.
Can I survive without your fragrance?
Would you like to dance?

For the first time I saw you on the beach
and my brother threw on you a peach.
I would love you if you were rich,
waiting for you, I woul kill a fish.

Poet 11
Dreams must come true.
That’s what I thought in the park where I first saw you.
Then our friendship became reality.
It could be true love, too.
I am nervous waiting for you.
And the stars can see it, too.
You are like a light breeze for me.
What do I mean for you, my love?

Poet 12
„Ms. Right looking for the True Love“
she wants her MAN to arrive
she wants SUNNY SKY all the time.
She is like a GOOD bottle of WINE.

Can I taste a drop of you?
I was always longing for you
since the first time I saw you in the park.
I was talking with you in my dreams.

Poet 13
What is love?
What are you dreaming about?
Why were you staring at that tree?
Do you want to be friends with me?
Do you want to be my love, Mr. Right?
You will wait for me, right?
Was it the fault in our stars?
Are you like a fan of cards? … Which one shall I pick?

Poet 14
Checking the clock
no matter if it’s cold or hot.
You are like a butterfly.
Are you flying in the sky?
My dream is to meet you
in that park where I first saw you.
I want to marry you,
although, I’m sorry, I don’t love you.

Poet 15
I met a new friend
and his name was Fred.
Later, I fell in love with him.
He should be here already.
I’m waiting for him all cold night.
He is like a beautiful thought in my mind.
How long do I have to wait for him?
I don’t mind because I want him
ever since I first saw him.

Poet 16
I saw you in the park staring at a tree.
I heard you and your friends are so free.
I think that it could be True Love.
I think I should wait for you
even if it’s raining cats and dogs.
You are like a cunning fox.
Do you want to marry me?
Please, kiss me and hold me…

Poet 17
You are like a diamond in the sky.
Is it possible to look so beautiful?

It has always been your dream to look good.
No wonder you looked so great in that café in my neighbourhood
where my friend saw you and said you looked like Robin Hood.
(But he is a fool, he will never find True Love)
If you wait for me, we can grab some food
and enjoy it together in optimistic mood.

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